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ItCasting for a TV Series.  Project: L.E.S. Girls Casting Directors: Cynthia Santana & Enmanuel Garcia Villavicencio. Casting Date: May 2, 2018 Time: 1:00Pm to 4:00Pm Submit to: Sypnosis- Four best friends Hispanic mothers from different backgrounds that grew up in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Characters Break Down Monica Rosado- A 26-year old woman, born in Manhattan in the Lower East Side. Her parents are Puertorricandecent. She does not speak that much Spanish, yet she does understand her grandmother, Cecilia that does not speak English. She has blue eyes, dark hair. Body type, petite about 5'2, small figure, attractive. Her style for clothing is very hipster/fashonista. Laura Santiago- A 27- year old woman, born in the Lower East Side. Her parents are Dominican decent. She does speak Spanish fluently since her parents did not speak English. Body features, light dark skin/ dark skin, long straight hair about to her waist, very sexy, body type voluptuous. She is the type of woman that when she goes in a room, even women will admire her beauty and sexiness. Veronica Rosales- A 27 year old woman, born in the Lower East Side. Her parents are Mexican decent. She speaks Spanish, her body features, she is a bit chubby, about a size 16. Her skin is light, her hair long, dark and wavy. She is average looking. Sara Mendoza- A 27-year old woman, born in the Lower East Side. Her parents are Ecuadorian/Chinese, so Sara physically looks Asian. She is married to Juan, Colombian decent and they have two children Ricardo and Karina. Sara has medium length hair, straight, dark with Asian features. She is petite but a bit curvy which is the mixture of Asian and Hispanic. She is an attractive woman, shy, very closed-minded, goes to church every Sunday, housewife, dedicated to her family. Monica, Veronica and Laura are her only friends. Juan Mendoza- A 30-year old men, born in Colombia but raised in Queens since he was 6-years old but he went to High School in the Lower East Side, that's how he met Sara. He is married to Sara for about 10 years, but he cheats on his her constantly. Cecilia Rosado- She 65-year old puertorican decent, born and raised in Puerto Rico. She moved to New York in her early 30's and she hardly speaks English. She refused to learn the language and speaks to Rosa, Monica, Tito and Lily in Spanish. Rosa - She's a 46-year old woman, born in Puerto Rico but raised most of her life in the Lower East Side. She had two kids, Monica and Rafael. Alberto Rosado, aka Tito- He is a 10 year old boy, the son of Monica and Erick. He lives with his mother, he is a good kid, but he keeps to himself. He is constantly playing games in the house. There is always a chaos in the house. Lily Rosado- A 5 year old girl, Monica's daughter from an affair with Marco. She has very curly long hair, green eyes, light skin, skinny type. She is very curious, sassy, bubbly personality, talkative child, always asking about the whereabouts of her father. Julian Almeida - A 30 year old. He's half Dominican/ brazilian raised in Brooklyn. He is gay and his best friend is Laura. He is talk, muscular body, dresses very sharp, very fashionable, dark hair, light/olive skin complexion, very attractive man, and he is bit feminine gay, not to the extreme. He works with Laura where they met. Maria Lopez- A 24 year old born in New York, parents are Colombians. She speaks Spanish fluently. Her body type, very curvy, fake breast and even ass. She dresses extremely sexy, going into slutty and vulgar. Karina Mendoza- A 5- year old girl, daughter of Sara and Juan. She has a mixture of Asian and Colombian. She is very sweet and quite girl. She does ballet and she is good student. Ricardo Mendoza- A 7- year old boy, son of Sara and Juan. He is taller for his age, looks more physically like his dad. He plays soccer and he is always upset that Juan does not go to his games since he is with women and pretends he is busy working. Adrian Rosales- He is the oldest son of Veronica and Daniel. He is 10 year old boy, medium body, loves to plays sports. He is wants to wear brand shoes and clothes that Veronica cannot afford. Jessica Rosales- She is the daughter of Veronica and Daniel. She is 7-years old. She is a bit chubby and wears glasses so she is bully a lot by children at school. She is very sweet and extremely shy. Diego Rosales. He is 5 years old, the youngest son of Veronica and Daniel. He is very attached to Veronica and he still does not understand why his dad is gone. He suffers from depression because of the death of his father. He has short hair, dark, and looks physically like Veronica.  Henry Tejada- A 6-year old son of Laura. Wilson Tejada- A 29 year old, Dominican decent, born and raised in New York. He was married to Laura for 3 years. Rafael A.K.A. Rosado- A 30 year old man, born in the Lower East Side. He is the older brother of Monica. He used to date Laura when she was 15 year old. Rafi was her first love and the guy she lost her virginity too.
My name is Fatima Viegas and I am the Executive Producer of Little Radical Theatrics, a non-profit community theater based in White Plains and Yonkers, NY. I am contacting local actors for our upcoming summer production of "Ragtime". Auditions will take place on May 1st and 2nd from 6:30 - 8:45 PM at the Grinton Will Library 1500 Central Park Ave Yonkers, NY. Performances are slated for the weekend of July 20th (4 performances) at the Joan R Pinucs Theatre in the Grinton Will Library. Rehearsals will begin in mid-May and generally will be about 3 evenings per week. Exact schedule will depend on the role and actors' schedule, we work around most reasonable conflicts. Rehearsals will take place at the Grinton Will Library and ArtsWestchester 31 Mamaroneck Ave White Plains NY. If you are interested in auditioning, please e-mail with your preferred date and time for the audition. For more information on the company please visit
ASYLUM A film by Nesaru Tchaas Que es ASYLUM? Asylum es la opera prima de Nesaru Tchaas, un director de cine y artista de la Bay Area. Asylum es un filme corto en el que se cuenta la historia de un inmigrante latino indocumentado y su lucha por permanecer en una ciudad y país totalmente extraños para el. En días donde se habla de construir muros y separaciones, donde se persigue al diferente y se ignoran sus historias, este filme intenta sensibilizar y revivir nuestros puntos en comun; como el amor, el miedo y nuestros sueños de un futuro mejor para nosotros y los que amamos. Que necesitamos? Asylum cuenta la historia de muchos latinos e inmigrantes; cuenta tu historia y mi historia. En Asylum no usamos actores profesionales, buscamos gente que este interesada en actuar. Cada participante nutre el film con su historia. Así que si eres hombre o mujer y estas interesado en formar parte de un film que busca crear conciencia, por favor contactenos; va a ser una experiencia movilizadora de lo mas interesante. El requisito es respeto por el trabajo ajeno, siendo puntual y responsable. Al ser un Film independiente no es pago pero se proporciona alimentos en los días de filmación y ensayos. Estaremos en la ciudad de NY en los ultimos días de April para las primeras orientaciones y charlas y el la filmación tomará lugar en los meses de Junio/ Julio en la ciudad de New york. Para contactarnos Jose Lucero Productor: 602 810 4407 Nesaru Tchaas Director: 510 735 6421 Para mas información sobre los autores visite

Hollywood agent seek talent. Only local LA residents need apply! Commercial agent looking for actors. If you are a Spanish speaking SAG actor (any age, Male and Female) who can speak fluent Spanish and you're looking for SAG Commercial representation, email: But only if you are SAG and can speak Spanish as that's what he needs on his roster.
Hollywood agent seek talent. Only local LA residents need apply! Commercial agent looking for FLUENT Spanish speakers for commercial representation. Male or female, 18+. Can be SAG, SAG E or Non-Union. Please email a headshot and resume to:

Jenny Stricklin, owner of the SAG-AFTRA franchised agency JS Talent Agency, is specifically looking for Latino actors. Latino Boys & Girls 5- 11 yrs old. (Commercial representation) Young Latino Male & Female 18 - 22 yrs old (commercial/theatrical) Latino Male & Female early 30's - early 40's (commercial/theatrical) Open to Non-Union talent but prefer Union. Please have them submit photo & resume to: <> Jenny Stricklin Talent Agency 178 S.Victory Blvd. Suite 106 Burbank, Ca 91502 <>
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