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CASTING NOTICE FOR 'VOICE DOUBLE' BY LOLA ARIAS New York Theatre Workshop is embarking on a new collaborative project, VOICE DOUBLE, with acclaimed Argentine theater director Lola Arias. The production is set for 2018, and it will center around the experience of Latinos in the US. VOICE DOUBLE Director: Lola Arias - Theater: New York Theater Workshop – What does it mean to be a "Latino" in the United States? How are Latinos represented in the American entertainment industry and in politics? Who embodies the American dream dubbed into Spanish? Voice Double is inspired in the biographies of Latin voice actors who play the roles of American actors for dubbed films, series and television programs, to tell the story of Latinos in the United States but also the history of their representation in the US film industry and the creation of the American Dream through fiction and entertainment. Told through authentic stories from Latino actors and dreamers, Voice Double inspires us to think about the relationship between voice and image, national identity and language, politics and the entertainment industry in the United States today. Arias' work plays with the overlapping zones between reality and fiction, documentary and theater, and she generally works with both actors and non-actors (she has worked with policemen, veterans from war, street musicians, immigrant kids, amongst others). We're currently looking for individuals we can interview for their perspective and knowledge, as well as actors and non-actors who'd like to be considered for the full production. We are looking for: • Latino on-camera actors (all genders, all ages) • Latino voice-over actors (all genders, all ages) • Real voice-over and speech/accent coaches who work with Latino actors/actresses (all genders, all ages) • Latino non-actors (all genders, all ages) with life stories that relate to the material To be considered please send us the following materials: • Headshot + Reel (if applicable) • Email or self-tape telling us a bit about yourself, how you relate to the material • Deadline: MONDAY 04/24/2017 AT NOON (the earlier the better) Geraldine Baron and Tatiana Pandiani Email:
Title : HELEN (Short) directed by Ji Hyun Kim / produced by Danae Grandison Synopsis Helen is a babysitter wh takes care of Kevin. Kevin, who was raised without his mother and the absence of his father Mark who depends completely on Helen. On Kevin's (age) birthday, he celebrates it with his family. At his party the lack of a relationship between Kevin and his father is exposed, as well the true identity of Helen. Characters Helen All Ethnicities Early 30s. A babysitter. Helen has taken care of Kevin since Kevin lost his mom when he was 1 year old. She has a kind and warm heart. She is very knowledgeable so that she can give wise answers to any questions from Kevin. She has been looking after Kevin while Kevin's father has neglected Kevin. She has been taking a role like Kevin's mother, who knows Kevin's little habits and tastes and takes care of everything. Kevin Caucasian, Hispanic, Ethnically Ambiguous / Mixed Race 7 years old. Passive and not good at expressing his feelings. He feels comfortable only when he is together with Helen. He is conscious of his strict father, Mark. He hides behind Helen when he is placed in a difficult or awkward situation with respect to his father. He thinks as his precious treasure dinosaur dolls that Helen gifted one by one every birthday of Kevin. He likes playing with dolls with Helen or playing games at home rather than outdoor activities or sports. Jason Caucasian, Hispanic, Ethnically Ambiguous / Mixed Race 9 years old. Active, and feels free to express his feelings. He has been raised in a harmonious family, and playful. He is always confident so that he cannot understand a child who is weak or often cries, and rather harass such a child. Raised by a father who says yes to everything and an easygoing mother, he doesn't mind the others and is frank, but he is not delicate and not good in grasping the overall situation. Mark Caucasian, Hispanic, Ethnically Ambiguous / Mixed Race 40 years old. A lawyer. A perfectionist and stubborn. He wants Kevin to be strong and manly, and is full of concerns and dissatisfactions about Kevin who is weak and often cries in contrast to his wish. After Kevin's mother ran way, he got hurt in his heart, and has been trying to change Kevin's weak character that he thought takes after his mother. Since Kevin's mother left, he could not settle with one woman, but has been seeing many women. Thus, he needed a babysitter who can be consistent in taking care of Kevin, and took Helen in his home to be dedicated to taking care of Kevin. Kelly Caucasian, Hispanic, Ethnically Ambiguous / Mixed Race Early 40s. A high school teacher. Easygoing, frank, and warm-hearted. She wants her playful son, Jason to grow the way he should. She gives Jason a good scolding and punishment when Jason misbehaves. Unlike her younger brother Mark, she has lived a middle-class life since she got married, but she spends and saves to fit her situation. She tends to be righteous, fair and objective. Gerald All Ethnicities Late 40s. An engineer. He pursues comfort and feels easy to have conversation with anyone. worried that his son Jason is selfish and mischievous. Rather, he says yes to everything for his son. He is relaxed and laid-back, and has no ambition or greed. He has a character that can laugh away awkward situations that bring complaints and conflicts to others. Miranda All Ethnicities Late 20s. A curator. Young, pretty and knows how to dress herself. He is not A perfectionist, and conscious of the eyes of others. For the sake of display, she can manage to do what she does not want to to , but she gets stressed inside. She looks up the social status and success of Mark, and tries to become close to his son Kevin. ==================================================================== Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations Shoots TBD in NYC. Compensation & Union Contract Details Pays $125/day. Meals provided. No participation fees required. The producer plans to apply for a SAG-AFTRA Short Film Agreement. Seeking talent from: New York City Additional Instructions: • The audition for the role of Helen, Mark, Kelly, Gerald and Miranda will be held on Apr. 14 (Fri.) Required Media: Headshot/Photo, Video Reel, Cover Letter via email
We are Casting a role in a new tv movie and looking for self tapes immediately as we have a very short window to cast. Anyone may audition you do not need to submit. Untitled Zombie Musical - TV Movie (starts shooting approximately Summer 2017, Union *Note - we are working with Aufiero/Horn and Stephanie Gorin on this project and are only working on the role of Bucky - please do not have actors tape who have already submitted to the other Casting Directors Character Descriptions & Audition Links (sides are accessible when you click link - current deadline is Monday 3.27 at 11am – please check back with us via this email if it is after this date Bucky: Male, 16-19, he is a head cheerleader who is charming, cocky, self confident and condescending. He loves the spotlight. Excellent dancing, rapping, singing skills a plus. Looking for comedic actors. Please submit all ethnicities. Self tape link/sides for Bucky: Thanks -Alexa & Katie - Tv Series (starts shooting May, 2017 in Los Angeles, Union): Character Descriptions & Audition Links (sides are accessible when you click link - current deadline is Mon 3.27 @ 11am – you may check back with us via this email if it is after this date. DO NOT HAVE ANYONE TAPED WHO HAS ALREADY SENT US AN AUDITION - ACTORS MUST CHOOSE ONE ROLE ONLY - THANK YOU! Alexa: Female, (14-16) – She is a force of nature; extroverted, fun loving, authentic. Despite being diagnosed with cancer, she is a positive character. Looking for comedic actors. Please submit all ethnicities. Self-tape link/sides for Alexa: Katie: Female, (14-16) – Funny, neurotic, introverted & an old soul – she is Alexa's bff, Looking for comedic actors. Please submit all ethnicities Self-tape link/sides for Katie: Sally Stiner & Barbie Block Stiner/Block Casting
IHello! We're announcing open auditions for both Honeymoon in Vegas and Newsies. I was hoping you might be able to help spread the word. Below are two audition notices to pass along and post if possible. Thank you, as always, for your help! AEA and Non-AEA Open Dance Call for HONEYMOON IN VEGAS The Marriott Theatre is seeking AEA and non-AEA male identifying and female identifying dancers for their upcoming production of Honeymoon in Vegas (contract is August 23 - October 15, 2017). All ethnicities are strongly encouraged to audition. All roles require singing. Male identifying dancers should have strong athletic jazz capabilities. The audition will be held on Monday, March 6 at 10am for AEA and non-AEA male identifying performers, 1pm for AEA female identifying performers, and 3:30pm for non-AEA female identifying performers. The audition will be held at the Marriott Theatre Rehearsal Warehouse (1342 Barclay Blvd, Buffalo Grove, 60089). Please be warmed up and ready to dance by your call time. Male identifying dancers should bring knee pads, female identifying dancers should bring character shoes. Bring an updated H/R or comp sheet, a 16 to 32 bar song in the style of the show with music in your key, and your book in case the team needs to hear more. An accompanist will be provided. No young performers under 18. This is an open call, no signup required. For questions please email Non-Union Open Singing Call for Honeymoon in Vegas and Newsies The Marriott Theatre will hold open auditions for non-union actors on Wednesday, March 1st (10am to 6pm), Thursday, March 2nd (10am to 6pm), and Friday, March 3rd (10am to 1pm), at Stage 773 (1225 W. Belmont Ave, 60657). Productions under consideration include Honeymoon in Vegas, Newsies, as well as summer and winter children's productions. All ethnicities are strongly encouraged to audition. No performers under 18 are being seen at this time (a separate call for Newsies young performers will be announced at a later date). Bring one 16 bar song and a second contrasting selection in case the artistic team needs to hear more. Please bring music in your key and an updated H/R. An accompanist will be provided. Signups, character descriptions, and show info can be found at Signup link will be active starting at 10am on Wednesday, February 22nd. For AEA Auditions (taking place on Tuesday, February 28th from 10am to 3pm), please visit the AEA website. Peter Marston Sullivan I Associate Artistic Director E.
Hi, my name is Megan and I am a graduate student at USC. I am directing a short film in Los Angeles at the end of February with two Latina leads, and I was wondering if you could recommend any actresses who might be interested in these roles. Here's a little information about the film: In a near future dystopia in which the U.S. has implemented a citizenship registry requiring everyone to be branded with their citizenship status, a young woman sacrifices her own safety in order to save her grandmother from deportation. RIO (female, early 20s, Hispanic) is an intelligent, hardworking young woman who works part time as a server in order to pay for her college education. Her parents and grandmother immigrated to the United States before she was born, so she is an American citizen but they are undocumented. When a new executive order authorizes the National Immigration Registration Agency to begin deporting all non-citizens, Rio sacrifices her own safety in order to protect her grandmother. ABUELA (female, 55-80, Hispanic) is the matriarch of the family and has a strong connection with her only granddaughter, Rio. Under the registration law, Abuela's freedoms are severely limited because she is an undocumented immigrant. She is getting on in age, and deportation could endanger her physical health. Despite her limitations, Abuela is a strong, determined woman. I am happy to send sides, if that's helpful. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks! -- Megan Carroll MFA Film & Television Production Candidate USC School of Cinematic Arts
CASTING LATINO KIDS | Ages 7 to 9 | Gender : F/M | Role Type : Lead To play ADRIAN(A) - a sensitive, spunky, adventurous kid who truants school to seek help for her best friend. Shoot dates (tentative) : May 13, 14, 19, 20 or 21 (2017) Location : NYC The film is part of the Columbia University MFA in filmmaking program Submit to
STEVEN SPIELBERG OPEN CASTING CALLS NOTICE (see below for cities/dates): Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment is hosting open casting calls for the role of EDGARDO in the film, The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara. Online video submissions are also accepted. The production is casting a boy age 6-9. "So far, incredibly talented boys have auditioned. As we continue the process of finding Edgardo, we are holding additional open calls to make sure we're seeing every possible candidate for the role. We look forward to coming to various cities and can't wait to see who we find." If you know of a boy within your community/circle of friends/family who seems like a good fit (no prior acting experience necessary) – PLEASE SHARE! CASTING NOTICE: "EDGARDO" – BOY, age 6-9. Unique & very challenging part for a truly special, curious & intelligent boy w/a mischievous streak who appears to be Jewish & Italian. The story deals w/the complexity of an extremely intelligent & gifted child's situation – his desire to return to his family & the faith of his ancestors, pitted against his ability to learn the Catechism & engage w/the Pope on a level far beyond his years (not looking for any kind of Italian accent). No prior acting experience necessary. There are NO fees to attend casting calls or to submit online. Any such claim is fraudulent & should be reported at once. INTERESTED? THERE ARE TWO WAYS TO SUBMIT: 1. ATTEND AN OPEN CALL IN PERSON* (select cities below) 2. SUBMIT ONLINE** (see below) *It's best to attend a casting call in person to meet our Casting Directors (child must be accompanied by an adult). This is the ideal way for your child to be considered & for our casting team to get to know him! **NOTE: Several Casting Directors are covering this project, per overall CD Ellen Lewis (Nina Gold in UK). We're all on the same team! If you've already auditioned for this role, it's not necessary to resubmit. NYC OPEN CALL SUN, JANUARY 29, 2017 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM One on One 34 W 27th St, 11th Floor New York, NY 10001 LOS ANGELES OPEN CALL SUN, JANUARY 29, 2017 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM American Jewish University 15600 Mulholland Dr. (Colen Conference Hall) Los Angeles, CA (Bel Air) 90077 Colen Conference Hall | Parking in Lot 3 MIAMI OPEN CALL SUN, FEB 5, 2017 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Dave & Mary Alper JCC 11155 SW 112 Ave Miami, FL 33176 CHICAGO OPEN CALL SUN, FEB 12, 2017 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Bernard Weinger JCC, 300 Revere Dr Northbrook, IL 60062
JOHN MCALARY CASTING SEEKING LATINO & HISPANIC ACTORS FOR MAJOR MOTION PICTURE TO SHOOT IN LOS ANGELES. We are looking for actors/actresses to portray: EDGAR: 18 yrs old, confident, charming and sporty. Spanish speaking a plus. ANDRES: 40s-50s, a gruff, proud father and shop-owner. Must speak Spanish. LA BRUJA: 50s-80s, a weathered old woman, charming and playful yet haunted. Must speak Spanish fluently. To submit, please send a recent photo and acting resume (if you have one) to: Please include your name, contact info, and where you are based in the body of the email.
My name is Erica I'm reaching out to you on behalf of The California Sunday Magazine / Pop-Up Magazine about our latest film project, a 5-part series sponsored by Bulleit Whiskey. The series will tell stories about why individuals choose to tattoo themselves, specifically the cultural and symbolic meanings behind the art form and how it is influenced by their work and life. We are looking for commentators for each film, and wondered if you would like to be involved, or if you knew someone from your wider community who might make an interesting subject? Each 90-second film focuses on a different city in the USA (NYC, Austin, LA, SF, and Portland); the interviewee would be the spokesperson for a particular community and would guide the narrative and conversation of the piece. I have attached our creative proposal to give to you better idea of the films we hope to make. Pop-Up Magazine is a "live magazine" experience, presenting evenings of true and original stories by prominent writers, filmmakers, radio producers and photographers. We take over large theaters and opera houses, selling out in minutes. To date we have featured musician Beck, director Ava DuVernay, journalist Ira Glass, James Franco, Kim Gordon and Mark Kozelek. Read this LA Times piece which explains the tour in good detail. We like our sponsored moments to be created with as much consideration as our editorial moments, and this Bulleit film series is no different. The films will be shown at 7 events in cities across the USA (NY, LA, SF, Seattle, Austin, Portland, and Washington DC), and will tell real, honest stories to our audience, rather than bombard them with traditional advertising. As with our editorial content, this series will be executed beautifully and artfully, with honest storytelling at the core of the series. We can offer subjects a fee for participation. If you are interested, or know of anyone it's worth us getting in touch with, please do not hesitate to get back to me on Our team will be in the US from the 17th of January in the order above so it would be good to speak to interested parties ASAP. I will give you a follow up call tomorrow. Many thanks and kindest regards, Erica Gurnee Production Assistant Indy8 1st- 4th Floors | 20 Eastcastle Street | London | W1W 8DB Tel: +44 (0)20 7927 9400 Mob: +44 (0)7775 333 687
Hello, My name is Alex and I work for Grant Wilfley Casting Inc here in NYC. We are starting prep on a new feature film that is filming in NYC area. We were wondering if you could post the following casting notice for background performers: Grant Wilfley Casting is seeking actors to portray the following for the upcoming "Untitled" feature film: people to portray male Native South American guerrilla soldier types. Ages 20s-50s. Works February-April in the NYC area. If you have an acting reel/acting resume, please attach in your submission. PLEASE Email name, current picture, phone number, union status (SAG-AFTRA or non union), height, weight and clothing sizes to or mail submissions to 241 West 30 Street, Floor 4, New York, NY 10001, attn: Untitled Film. Filming in NYC February-April. Alex Cody Casting Associate Grant Wilfley Casting 241 West 30th Street • Floor 4 New York, NY 10001
The Book of Leonidas, a new play written by Augusto Federico Amador, will have a Showcase performance at the 15th Anniversary season of Theater at Downtown Urban Arts Festival during May 2017 at the Cherry Lane Theatre in NYC. We are seeking an Equity or non-Equity actor to play the following role. Female, late 50's, Dominican. Black. Suffering from diabetes. She is strong, controlling, calculating and manipulative. When she was young, she was the town beauty. She will also need to play a younger version of herself. Please submit photo, resume and a short video link to Creative Ammo Inc. Downtown Urban Arts Festival 18 East 41st Street, Suite 1806 New York, NY 10017 Visit us online at:
Project Type: Short Film Union Status: SAG-AFTRA, Non-Union *Producer plans to apply for a SAG-AFTRA contract if necessary. Rate of Pay / Contract: Pay TBD Producer: Ji Hyun Kim Director: So Dam Lee Shoot Date(s): 02/24/2017 - 02/26/2017 Audition Date(s): 01/11/2017 Shoot Location: New York City Storyline: Chloe and Matt have been a couple for a little over 1 year. On their first anniversary, they have an argument because Chloe seems to be hiding things from Matt. When she was 7 years old, she had a car accident. This left her scars on her body but decided to keep this from Matt. She is not ready to tell him. She is afraid of Matt's reaction to it. After fighting with Matt, she meets the man who hit her in the car accident. Now, she decides to face her trauma. Roles: [Chloe] 20 to 30 years old, Caucasian, Hispanic, Mixed female. She was in an accident as child and now wears long sleeves to cover the scars. The actor will be covered with prosthetic make up. She's been avoiding intimacy with her boyfriend because she doesn't want him to see her scars. After a fight with her boyfriend, she decides to track down the main responsible for the accident. [Paul] 40 to 50 years old, Caucasian, Hispanic, Mixed male. A blue collar guy from New Jersey who was responsible for the accident that injured Chloe as a young girl. He felt guilty about the accident at the time, but now he has moved on with his life. He feels ashamed when Chloe confronts him 15 years later. [Matt] 20 to 30 years old, Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic, Mediterranean, mixed, West Indies/Caribbean male. He is a kind and thoughtful boyfriend who has been patient with Chloe's intimacy issues. He is studying journalism and he is curious about the world around him. He cares about helping disadvantaged people. Submission Instructions: The sides for the audition will be sent from three days prior. Please send me your headshot, resume and demo reels via email. Contact Name : Ji Hyun Kim, Producer Contact Phone : 347.414.0973 Contact Email :
I am contacting you because we need to find a voice actor, who will be the voice of Benito Juarez, José Martí and Simón Bolívar, when he soon starts talking in New York. The project is called Talking Statues and we are doing it together with NYC Parks. Talking Statues is an original Danish project that I started in Copenhagen in 2013 giving voices to the statues to a city through modern technology for the first time in the world It became a huge success and later was realized in the cities of Helsinki, London, San Diego, Berlin, Chicago etc. In April the project will start in New York. The project will in New York will recreate an image of how New York has changed over several centuries and was built not from a single nationality, but from many nations. Talking Statues in New York will be a public art project, which involves the use of 30-50 different statues in Manhattan in Central Park, Downtown, Harlem and in the four other boroughs of Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island. The statues are have been carefully selected by The NYC Department of Parks & Recreation, Division of Art & Antiquities, and us, ranging from George Washington, Golda Meir, Ghandi, Hans Christian Andersen to the Statue of Liberty. Their speeches will be funny and insightful, mixing the past and present into a whole new dimension. The statues will talk not only about New York, but they will also help to provide an experience of the different cultures that New York is a composition of. It will be accomplished not only through what they say, but also through the language they speak. Statues, besides English, will speak Spanish, Hungarian, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Italian, etc. This means the statue of Simón Bolívar will speak both American and Spanish, Mahatma Gandhi will speak both Indian and American etc. By swiping the QR code (the User can use a QR reader App which can be downloaded for free), the system will be activated, and the User will receive a call from a statue in front of him/her. The User then has to decide if he/she wants to receive a phone call from e.g. Balto, who then will speak in a pre-recorded message about himself and his story. The target groups include all citizens of New York and tourists in particular. Each statue has a monologue written by a Playwright with support from a historian. Now we need to find an actor, who will play the role of the statue by creating Each statue must have 1-2 minutes of talk time, during which we would like to portray three main aspects: 1) The figure's history with highlights from birth to death. 2) An aural portrait of the personality through voice and language. 3) The figure's connection to New York City 4) The nationality the statue represents in NY. The recording will take place at Edge Studio on Manhattan 18th-30th of January Hope you can help us announce the casting for experienced actors who will be able to portray the roles of the statues. Hope you can post it for us and please let me know if you have any questions Thanks, David Peter Fox Producer Talking Statues Islands Brygge 3 Copenhagen DK-2300 S Tel: +45 88384820 Mobil +45 25342393
Mysterium Theater - Disney's Dual Language Aladdin SEEKING... Aladdin Jafar Sultan (understudy) Razu Rehearsals begin immediately Runs Feb 10th - March 5th Address: 311 Euclid St , La Habra CA 90631 Director: Edgar Andrew Torrens Contact: 480-809-5169 About: Disney's Aladdin Dual Language Edition features the Academy Award-winning score from Disney's animated classic, with lyrics in both Spanish and English. Our story begins centuries ago, when the royalty of Agrabah spoke one language and the citizens another. Communication is impossible without translation... which is controlled by the evil vizier, Jafar. When the rebellious princess, Jazmin, and a delinquent street rat, Aladdin, meet in the marketplace, they find something special in one another. Together, they work to transcend the barriers between them and, with a little magic, help create a better future for themselves and for Agrabah.This touching musical adventure will thrill both Spanish- and English-speaking audiences.
AUDITION ANNOUNCEMENT – AMERICAN CANDY – Sketch Comedy Ensemble Performers - January 15 2:30pm – 4:30pm AMERICAN CANDY seeks versatile male and female comic actors of ALL ethnicities to join our ensemble for upcoming projects in 2017. Performances include: full length live sketch comedy shows, musical guest spots, videotaped sketches. There is a small stipend for some projects. Actors must have a comedic monologue prepared (under 2 minutes), bring a hard copy of your headshot and resume and be prepared to move. The ability to sing and dance is a plus, but a positive attitude and willingness to play goes just as far. About AMERICAN CANDY: AMERICAN CANDY is a fresh and positive take on sketch comedy created and executive produced by a black woman with a diverse cast and team of writers. Our highly popular live sketch show in Brooklyn regularly sells out and we have created many musical comedy and short video sketches for our YouTube channel, and have a pilot being shopped to network TV. We work primarily in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Send your headshot and resume to Stephanie Bok at to make an appointment and for location details.
"Seeking a male actor in the 20's -30's age range to play a Hispanic veteran in the development of a series of plays. Some rehearsal in the months of Feb, March, April, May in NYC. The plays are the work of 2016 Guggenheim Fellow, Christina Masciotti. Contact -"
Casting terrible dancers for a music video shooting in Miami. Yes really bad dancers. The worse you dance the more we want you. Shooting in Miami on January 29th. Pay is $150 Non Union Please send photo along with a quick video of you dancing to You do not have to pretend to dance bad. Just dance as you normally would.
QVC is CASTING Full-Time Program Hosts - National Search QVC Inc., the world's leading global shopping community and largest multimedia retailer, is in search of Full-Time Program Hosts to add to its already existing and growing on-air team. Position is located in West Chester, PA. All hires must be willing to relocate to suburban Philadelphia for the opportunity and be willing to work all shifts covering the 24-hour broadcast. Candidates should have experience in hosting television, web broadcasts, news, radio or trade shows and live events. Host should be passionate about product and sales and must be comfortable conveying information in a live broadcast setting. Host should be intelligent, enthusiastic and commanding. Candidates should be quick on their feet with the ability to improv and engage. Hosts should be friendly, credible, entertaining, sincere and sophisticated with an elevated sense of style and fashion. Must be comfortable engaging in social media and building your fan community. Interested candidates should email a letter of interest and recently updated resume along with a photo or headshot and any video links of your hosting work to Casting Director, Sean De Simone at <> . Please make sure to properly label all submissions with a telephone number, email address and the city and state where you are currently located.
Hello! Looking for Male Actors that are FLUENT in Spanish,  Various ages. Film (Bel Canto) is shooting in NY in Feb & March Please send pictures and resumes to:
We are shooting a TV Pilot for a one hour crime drama in Jan and Feb 2016 in Savannah, GA Lead Villain is Robert Lasardo.  Think Soprano's meets Breaking Bad meets Sons of Anarchy but set in the South with a Hispanic twist. Mature content. Seeking the Following Roles Miguel - 30-40 The Intelligent Enforcer, funny, brutal, should be a big guy. Pablo - 19-25 The big Boss's nephew, exposed to a lot of violence and it seems to agree with him. comic timing is important. Rosa - 50-60 The Villain's Housekeeper and aid to his blind wife Hank - 30-50 henchman, should be imposing Carlo - 30-40 The good looking, but deadly sidekick Please send headshot, resume and link to reel to, Rates and dates shared with those selected. Obviously Paid. If cast, you are subject to a long term contract if the series is picked up. --
My name is Camille Hayes, and I am the Artistic Fellow for California Shakespeare Theater. I am reaching out on behalf of our Casting Director, Clea Shapiro. I'm looking to connect with performers of color as well as performers with disabilities for our upcoming production of The Glass Menagerie, and was hoping to benefit from your wisdom as an organization that supports and advocates for individuals who belong to one or more of these groups. We are specifically looking for a performer for the role of Laura Wingfield. I’ve attached the notice for this role, and would so appreciate your sharing this with anyone who may be interested. We would love to hear from as many folks as possible who fit the breakdown described in this notice. We’d also like to call out that we welcome submissions from both AEA and non-AEA members, as well as from performers who may not consider themselves actors in the traditional sense- spoken word artists, performance artists, solo artists, and more are all encouraged to reach out. We request that individuals share a headshot, resume, and, if possible, a reel (or other taped sample of their work) to <> by Monday, December 19th. I want to also say that we are approaching this casting process pro-actively, by reaching out directly to these communities. If there are any additional resources you can recommend to us, we’d be extremely grateful. Camille Hayes Artistic Fellow California Shakespeare Theater
My name is Brandon Hugo Arroyo, a Puerto Rican filmmaker attending the SUNY Purchase Film Conservatory in New York. I am currently working on my thesis film titled, La Estrella. This is a story about Latin Poetry and Middle Class Labor. About the struggles of being an artist, an employee, a parent, and a child. As of now I'm looking for two key roles: Marigold (Mother) and Vivian (Mothers best-friend) Marigold: Late 40's - early 60's the mother of Adeleen; once a former poet and believer in the artistic craft, she used to be filled with a vivacious energy, an energy that she felt was transferred to Adeleen through the stories that she used to tell when Adeleen was younger; having to, not by choice, sacrifice her passions for a more sustainable/logistical existence, the divide between her and her daughter grew even thicker as work began to consume the sanctuary of both home and thought; she works as a finishing manager for a prototyping and packaging consultancy at a small distribution company; essentially, all of the other departments within the company funnel through her at the same time before reaching a client; she is the backbone of the company. Vivian: Late 40's - early 60's college best friend of Marigold; filled with comfort and positivity, she assumed the role of "cafe mom" as Adeleen began her pursuit in poetry; always in attendance as program manager, she reminds Adeleen of what it means to be cared for while still keeping a stern hand; she is as tough as they get, with a humor and heart that challenges her rough personal exterior; a force that perpetuates a beautiful confidence. If possible, let me know what can work and I'll provide sides. Contact: Brandon Hugo Arroyo 347 684 0499
Actors and Poets Group is casting for an upcoming showcase production of My Favorite Husbands, by Andrew Marvel. We are seeing actors for the following role: Raul (Male, mid to late 30’s) Latino. Alpha male. John’s current partner (see below) recently elected as an openly gay man to the New Jersey legislature on the Republican ticket. From a privileged background, he has spent most of his life winning. About the play: When Mark’s ex-boyfriend John announces he’s getting married to an up-and-coming rightwing Latino politician (Raul), with full endorsement by the RNC, Mark reacts the way any “old school” homosexual might: he decides to attend in drag. My Favorite Husbands takes a comedic look at the effects mainstream acceptance is having on the gay community, as well as one man’s choice between simply growing old or finally growing up. PLEASE MAIL A PICTURE AND YOUR RESUME TO ACTORSPOETS@GMAIL.COM <mailto:ACTORSPOETS@GMAIL.COM> THIS IS A NON-UNION CASTING. THERE IS NO PAY, STIPEND FOR TRANSPORTATION.
Casting Call RECENT ALIEN ABDUCTIONS - NYC Appointments Actors Theatre of Louisville APPOINTMENTS NYC Auditions to be held 11/14 and 11/15 by appointment only. CONTRACT LORT Non-Rep LORT B- Salary $865 / week SEEKING Submissions from AEA members only for various roles. AEA members must submit themselves directly in order to be considered via this posting (no agent or third-party submissions). INSTRUCTIONS Mail picture and resume ASAP. Mark Envelopes: ATL / ALIEN (NYC Appointment / AEA Submission). Please submit by November 5, 2016 Deadline: Sat, Nov 5, 2016 SUBMIT TO Calleri Casting 39 West 14th Street #504 New York, NY 10011 PERSONNEL By Jorge Ignacio Cortiñas Les Waters, Artistic Director Casting: Calleri Casting Director: Les Waters OTHER DATES First Rehearsal: February 18, 2017 Preview: March 17 Opening: March 19 Closing: April 9 OTHER Part of the HUMANA FESTIVAL OF NEW AMERICAN PLAYS Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit. AVAILABLE ROLES ÁLVARO (Male actor 18+ to play teens). Puerto Rican. A moody teenager. Paranoid. Underneath it all, he is trying to smuggle himself, and his secrets, into his own future. Everything he does is calculated to get himself there. One senses in him this process of calculation, you hear it for example when he pauses when he speaks. He is not sure he is doing this correctly. He is not even entirely convinced his future exists. PATRIA (Female Mid-30s) Neuyorican (Puerto Rican raised in New York). Lesbian. Arrives in Puerto Rico determined to be ethical, the adult who can resolve what Álvaro wasn't able to resolve during his lifetime. This often means trying to decide when to speak up and when to bite her tongue. ANA (Female Mid-30s) Puerto Rican. Conventionally pretty and considers that an accomplishment. Difference makes her impatient. NÉSTOR / ALIEN OLDER BROTHER (Male Mid 40s) Puerto Rican. A bear of a man. Prone to displays of sincere sentiment and equally sincere outbursts of violence. The violence is sudden, unpredictable to strangers and terrifying because he is not in control of it. Boyish and quite charming in moments, blank and unreachable in others. OLGA / ALIEN MOTHER (Female 60s- 70s) Puerto Rican. An old women with Alzheimer's. Before her dementia, Olga was a mother who happened to believe that a person who notices a problem is tantamount to being the person who created the problem. BEBA (Female 40s – 60s) Puerto Rican. The neighbor who walks in and out of the house without knocking. If she did knock it would be a bother to everyone and also strange. Speaks her mind and devoid of neurosis.
Hello again, Hola!     I am contacting you from Genuine: The Real People Company, powered by Strickman-Ripps - a NYC based casting company that specializes in finding "real people" for commercials, web videos, and print advertisements.   We are currently CASTING an Internet Project for an upcoming Stouffer’s Campaign. - SINGLE PARENT who is an EMT/Nurse/911 Dispatcher/Police officer/Firefighter etc. who works LATE SHIFTS and has childcare help from a grand/parent.  - MILLENNIAL COUPLES who are buying their first home or moving in together (Extra points to those who are diverse or have a diverse group of friends) - SAME SEX MILITARY families where one of the partners has just returned home after being deployed.  * ALL ETHNICITIES are encouraged to submit, particularly Bilingual Hispanic/Latinx families. Through our research we found your blog and thought that you might be able to help us spread the word about this exciting opportunity to your community.  If you know anyone who might be interested in participating, please pass along our contact info or have them submit via this online questionnaire:   We really appreciate any help you can provide in regards to outreach for this project and are happy to answer any questions you might have.  Please feel free to call or email us.  We look forward to speaking with you. All best to you! Chari Goldberg Casting Director          66 West Broadway Suite 602        New York, NY 10007                            66 West
The Marriott Theatre is seeking AEA and non-AEA male and female dancers for their upcoming production of Mamma Mia (contract is January 19 - April 30, 2017). Seeking all physical types and ethnicities. Performers must be strong pop/rock singers, able to hold harmony parts, and are also good movers. The audition will be held on Saturday, July 23rd at 10am for AEA and non-AEA men, 1pm for AEA women, and 3:30pm for non-AEA women.  The audition will be held at the Marriott Theatre Rehearsal Warehouse (1342 Barclay Blvd, Buffalo Grove, 60089).  Please be warmed up and ready to dance. Dancers should wear flats. Bring an updated H/R or comp sheet, a 16 to 32 bar pop/rock song with music in your key, and your book in case the team needs to hear more. An accompanist will be provided.  No young performers under 18.  All ethnicities strongly encouraged to audition.  This is an open call, no signup required.  For questions please email     Peter Marston Sullivan I Associate Artistic Director

Hollywood agent seek talent. Only local LA residents need apply! Commercial agent looking for actors. If you are a Spanish speaking SAG actor (any age, Male and Female) who can speak fluent Spanish and you're looking for SAG Commercial representation, email: But only if you are SAG and can speak Spanish as that's what he needs on his roster.
Hollywood agent seek talent. Only local LA residents need apply! Commercial agent looking for FLUENT Spanish speakers for commercial representation. Male or female, 18+. Can be SAG, SAG E or Non-Union. Please email a headshot and resume to:

Jenny Stricklin, owner of the SAG-AFTRA franchised agency JS Talent Agency, is specifically looking for Latino actors. Latino Boys & Girls 5- 11 yrs old. (Commercial representation) Young Latino Male & Female 18 - 22 yrs old (commercial/theatrical) Latino Male & Female early 30's - early 40's (commercial/theatrical) Open to Non-Union talent but prefer Union. Please have them submit photo & resume to: <> Jenny Stricklin Talent Agency 178 S.Victory Blvd. Suite 106 Burbank, Ca 91502 <>
Spanish gameshow seeking regular audience extras for weekday morning tapings in Manhattan. You will see multiple stunts/tricks and acts in a beat-the-clock format. Some Spanish understanding a plus in order to react to the situations.  You will receive a $75 bank gift card at the end of the day that can be used anywhere for your participation.  If you are interested, you must respond to with all of the following information: Recent photo of yourself Name: E-mail Daytime Phone: Spanish/English Competency (Y/N): No union conflicts. Be sure to indicate you saw this call on HOLA.
WANTED: GRANDPARENTS WHO COOK ALL ETHNICITIES & ALL CUISINES Cooking Channel's hit show! Starring Mo Rocca needs grandmas and grandpas for Season 2!! We are looking for… • Grandmothers and Grandfathers • All ethnicities anywhere in America • 50 to 100 years old • Big personalities who can cook delicious dishes • Real characters: warm, fun, outgoing, eccentric, lovable, sweet, fiery, or even curmudgeonly • Great families • Accents and English as a second language not a problem Apply Now!
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